Advisory services for policies, rules and procedures development

In case no written policies are available or, if they exist only partially or, they do not respond to the general goals of the company, it will be necessary to suggest the corrections or, to provide assistance in the development of Human Resources policies which the company will observe in the future since they will surely be better suited to the features of the business.

Every Human Resource policy must entail as its essential objectives:

  • To incorporate, improve and maintain the most important asset of a company, which is its personnel.
  • To achieve high-performance standards.
  • To promote its personnel welfare.
  • To adequately support controversial situations.
  • To maintain the best possible relationships with trade associations.

The Human Resources policies must respect the peculiarities of each company. The advisor will assess the convenience of the implementation of each policy according to the needs of the firm, and will consider, together with the customer, which will be de appropriate standards to carry out these policies.

As regards the procedures, an exhaustive examination, closely coordinated with the customer, will show the need to maintain, change or, establish new procedures.

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