Contracts Manager Service

The outsourcing concept, that modern reengineering is enforcing with greater strength every time, faces the business world with the challenge of using new resources. While the

previous legal framework inhibited the possibility of changes in labor relations, today, instead, the continuous flexibility of the current labor legislation allows the implementation of a complete system of novel alternatives.

CMS provides organizations with a powerful tool oriented to face new modalities for the coverage of functions.

This service has been thought and developed for companies with current needs,  which do not wish to tie them down to the engagement imposed by employment relationship,

whether to face the development of a project or to reinforce the leadership of a mission with a specific deadline. The usefulness of this service extends to organizations which decide to completely outsource a function and delegate it to an external enterpriser.

CMS counts on a staff of specialists with vast experience in management, who may add to their own expertise, the extra view of an independent performance.

The responsibility of external hiring service, whether for fulltime or part-time executives, covers integral management, since it includes intermediation in negotiations, preparation of contracts, the follow-up and payment of fees, as well as the revocation, extension, modifications and renewals of contracts occurred during the hiring term.

A process of similar characteristics has been developed for scholarship holders, trainees and interns, by means of agreements with governmental plans or private institutions, as well as interchange programs at national or international level. Nowadays, this service allows companies to fully outsource their administration. In this way, firms may lighten the complex workload of the permanent follow-up they require.

Contract Management Service: a true outsource from the outsourcing.

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