Human resources selection

Our task is clearly a handcrafted one, since our purpose is to be identified as strategic partners when selecting the human capital needed to ensure successful management.

We understand that excellence in a recruitment process depends on having a suitable  understanding of the company need, as well as a precise knowledge of the individual and the contextual features of the resource to be recruited for the different levels of an organization.

Contracts Manager Service

The outsourcing concept, that modern reengineering is enforcing with greater strength every time, faces the business world with the challenge of employing new resources. While the previous legal framework inhibited the possibility of changes in labor relations, today, instead, the continuous flexibility of the current labor legislation allows the implementation of a complete system of novel alternatives.

Analysis of Organizational Structures

Nowadays, the search of global effectiveness is a critical challenge to the companies whose satisfaction is based on the adequate harmony between processes, structure and strategy on the grounds of staff commitment and qualification.

Advisory service for the development of policies, rules and proceedings

If there are no written policies or, if they only exist partially or, if they do not respond to the company general goals, it will be necessary to suggest the corrections or, to provide assistance in the development of Human Resources’ policies which the company will observe in the future, since they will surely be better suited to the features of the business.

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